Room to Dream: David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker

Learn how David Lynch brings his vision to the screen with interviews and behind-the-scenes footage focusing on the process of filmmaking, from idea to post-production.

Film to me is sound and picture moving along in time. - David Lynch

While sharing his beginnings as a filmmaker coming from the world of painting and his understanding of film as art, Lynch speaks about each stage of production and his view of technological advances opening the doors to storytellers, as long as the technology is used right. The video plays out to be like a 20 minute film school course, with David Lynch as the professor. Simple, straight to the point, and incredibly insightful. I personally enjoyed his view that a film is a complete collaboration, with ideas coming not only from the director but all those involved in the work and how the screenplay is but a blueprint for the visual story. Also, it’s great to see him during the process and him being exactly just who he is, “Go slower on that, Eric. Geeze, man. Finesse it. Geeze. Paint with a fine brush.”

(via cinephiliabeyond)